Fitness Friday…Rep Tempo

Want to fire up those repetitions within your resistance training? Dial in the Repetition Tempo method!

WHAT is Rep-Tempo?clock_PNG6614

Rep-Tempo is the rate or pace at which you perform one repetition or movement. In writing, it looks similar to the following:

(2-1-2) or (2-1-2-3) numbers represent second(s).

Breaking It Down.

  • 1st number (2) is the eccentric movement (lowering or negative) portion of the repetition.
  • 2nd number (1) represents how long the load would be at the bottom of the repetition.
  • 3rd number (2) is the concentric (lifting or positive) portion bringing the load back to the starting position.
  • When utilizing the four number method, (3) represents how long the load would be at the top of the lift.


WHY you want to implement these methods?

Evidence supports that focused time-under-tension will elicit a neuromuscular response, translating into greater muscle recruitment. Below, are a just a few additional advantages to increasing “concentrated contractions”.

  • Increased bone mass.exercise-muscles
  • Increased muscle mass.
  • Increased muscle tone.
  • Increased muscle endurance.
  • Increased balance and stability.
  • Increased ligament and tendon strength.
  • Increased neuromusculature contraction.
  • Increased mental awareness and body control.


WHO Benefits?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from the varying methods of Rep-Tempo training! As a novice, it is best to start low and go slow. A simple 3-1-2-1 is an optimal tempo to start! Be it that the resistance will be strictly controlled throughout the entire movement, exercisers will need to decease the resistance that they normally would use. Possibly by as much as 65% depending on the movement! When advancing, proper body alignment for that specific movement is a must. Do this, and you will likely notice one of the benefits listed above within the first few bouts of exercise.


HOW to Implement Rep Tempo.

Rep Tempo can be mixed into any routine fairly easy. It can be applied to nearly all types of resistance training. For example, you can utilize it with resistance bands, free weights, machines and even body weight exercises. The benefit is hidden in the manipulation of the seconds.

  1. Controlled Eccentric Rep-Tempo.


Ideal For: Any exercise.

Controlled eccentrics are perhaps the most studied and proven method of Rep-Tempo manipulation. Resistance is applied to the muscle fibers during the lengthening phase of the contraction thus creating large amount of muscle recruitment. This is also an excellent entry point for a new exerciser as it helps develop proper lifting technic!


  1. Pause Rep-Tempo.images

(1-3-1) or (1-4-1-1)

Ideal For: Squat variations, Push-Ups, or Leg press machine.

Time under tension is maximized here, which in turn creates an optimal environment of physiological adaptations and growth. Be sure to have warmed up properly before attempting long pause rep-tempos!


Is your program become the same old routine? Toss in some Rep-Tempo methods and you will likely FEEL and SEE the difference in no time. Remember to start low and go slow, literally!


~ Did you know? 

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