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d7edaee4c9cf09268ea4406cb620597c-2Welcome to the Boomers N Motion blog! We’re so happy you’ve found us. Our goal is to educate, motivate, and empower you to live a healthy and happy life. At BNM, we work exclusively with Baby Boomers and older adults. Your needs and abilities are different than, let’s say, a 20 year old. While so many fitness and nutrition programs are geared towards a younger crowd, we focus on YOUR lifestyle. Are you recently retired, recovering from a surgery, or dealing with a health condition like diabetes? We’ve got you covered. We’ll talk about all these issues and more. We want you to live your BEST life now and make these your BEST years yet!

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Interested in a specific topic related to your fitness, nutrition, or overall health? Leave a comment below or contact us at coaches@boomersNmotion.com.   

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