Fitness Friday With Coach K…Why Resistance Training?

Why resistance training?




What is it about resistance training that is so important as we grow into our golden years?


Linear studies conclude that weight training, more specifically free-weight exercises, can be beneficial across all age groups. In fact, baby boomers and older adults can see promising results even though they may have a chronic illness or disease. How remarkable is that? Those benefits include a decrease in cognitive concerns of age related falls, decreases in muscle mass, bone density, strength, and power.


Senior woman working with weights in gym


Confidence through exercise is such a powerful tool! 



Astonishingly, resistance training exercise has been reported to help in developing muscle mass and neuromuscular function in 85 year young individuals! It gets better. Clinical trials with those over the age of 90 years old have reported measurable increases in strength gains with the appropriately correlated weight-training regimen. Wow! Conclusively, continued regular engagement in weight training manifests increases in absolute strength capacity, while diminishing overall strength loss.





Muscular power (muscular power is strength in addition to the speed at which you apply force to a resistance) had also improved in those that regularly incorporate resistance training at a high velocity. Individuals at an average age of 77 years old showed the greatest muscular power increases! Those who participated were exercising with 65-70% of their own body weight during the leg press exercise! These quantifiable power increases attributed to a lessoned susceptibility of imbalance and walking instabilities.



Balance is the Key to Life!



According to another recent study, lower body instability in individuals ≥65 may lead to fatal and non-fatal injuries that primarily stem from falling. The American Health Care System claims 1/3 of adults (67-97yrs) fall every year and cost upwards of $30 billion to our medical expenses annually. Those numbers are astounding! Baby Boomers and older adults whom participate in weight resistance regimens regularly self-report a decreased fear of falling, while developing a greater general functional performance level.


The take away?

Weight training makes you strong, steady an light on your toes!





~ Did you know? 

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