Fitness Friday Coach K…Healthy Feet

When we think of physical fitness, we don’t always think of our feet. If you’re like me, you probably just slip on a pair of socks and shoes and go about your day. Then it hits you – tired, achy foot pain! When the only relief is sneaking in a chair break or popping your shoes off late afternoon, it may be time to consider foot health.

Foot health is responsible for how we walk, run, balance, squat, stand and land. Any deviation of those skills can attribute to knee and hip misalignments, back and neck pain, and ultimately postural problems.

Today, we’re going to share some exercises that will get you back on your feet!

Ankle Rotation

This exercise is an excellent warm-up as it helps prepare the ankle joint for the foot exercises to come. This can be performed seated or lying. Whichever position you choose, aim to have the lower leg parallel to the floor. Begin by making large circles with the toes relaxed.

15 large rotations in both directions

2-3 sets each foot


Toe Point

Toe pointing can help with toe flexibility and strengthening within the forefoot. Start by relaxing the foot while seated. Bring the foot out in front of you by extending the lower leg. Bring the toes together to a tight tip. While keeping the toes tight and together, extend your toes as far away from the body as possible. To increase intensity, add a therapy band!

Repeat 8-12 times each foot

2-3 sets each foot


Pencil Pick Up

Find a pencil to place on the floor in front of you. Using your barefoot, attempt to pick up the pencil with the toes. If picking up the pencil isn’t an option, you may substitute a hand towel. This exercise helps with toe dexterity while increasing flexibility too! Increased dexterity = increased balance!

No need to count repetitions as the act alone will help tremendously.

Toe Abduction

With a relaxed foot, raise the lower leg from the floor. First, spread the small toe and the big toe from the group. Allow the others to follow while envisioning a great distance between all of the toes. Hold this exercise for approximately 3 seconds. Relax.

Perform 8-12 repetitions

2 sets each foot


Ball Roll

A very relaxing way to finish your foot exercise routine is with ball rolls. Use a medium-sized ball and roll it back and forth between the front of the foot and the heal. A spikey reflexology ball works best, although you may use a golf, lacrosse, or tennis ball. While seated, roll the bottom of your foot over the ball for 30-60 seconds each foot.


Remember, your feet are your foundation! Enjoy!


~ Did you know? 

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