Fitness Friday With Coach K…Breathe

Breathing during resistance / weight-bearing exercise can be quite the challenge. From beginners to experienced, it’s all too common to get caught up in varying breathing techniques.

“Do I breathe in during my biceps curl or breathe out?”

“Should I hold my breath when lifting heavy?”

“Do I breathe through my mouth or nose?”

The way you inhale and exhale during resistance exercise is fundamental. In developing a rhythmic pattern, you can improve your overall training while reducing intravascular pressure (blood pressure), thus relieving the strain placed on the most important muscle in the entire body – the heart. This practice ultimately leads to a more efficient and effective cardiorespiratory system!



When performing the lifting phase (i.e., concentric phase) of a resistance exercise, breathe in through your nose. As you come to completion of the contraction, pause your inhalation just for a moment. The inhalation should be calm and deliberate all the while keeping your mouth closed.



Breathe into the lowest portion of your lungs while allowing the abdomen to slightly expand. Try to prevent the shoulders from rising. This is known as diaphragmatic breathing! This type of breathing is very effective in the prevention of hypertension during exercise.



As you begin to return the weight to starting position (i.e., eccentric phase), allow the inhaled breath to slowly exhale through your open mouth.


Controlled and deliberate exhalation will help in establishing a rhythmic technique, thus becoming integrated within the exercise movement itself.



There are many differing ways to breathe during resistance exercise. Fortunately, for us air-breathers, none of these techniques require an exerciser to hold his or her breath for an extended period of time.












~ Did you know? 

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