Fitness Friday With Coach K…Chair Squat

Performing a squat can help keep your lower body strength and flexibility at it healthiest. The chair squat is great exercise to start. All you need to perform the chair squat is a good solid chair. Melissa and I love incorporating equipment free, body weight exercises into our clients programs as they are fun, easy and highly effective! The chair squat is the perfect powerhouse that can help keep your legs and hips in tip top shape! So grab a chair, secure it against the wall and lets get squatting!

Step 1 :

Place the back of a chair firmly against the wall. Stand in front of the chair with the heals of your feet at hip width. Point your toes out, but not so much that it feels unnatural. Align your knees directly atop you ankles. Brace your core (abdominals, obliques, spinal erectors) with a contraction hold while keeping a neutral spine. Hold you arms (hands together) in front at chest level. Fix your gaze in front, 6-8 feet, while keeping the shoulder blades back and head neutral.


Step 2 :

Slowly lower your buttocks toward the chair without completely unloading all of your weight into the chair. Check those core muscles and be certain they’re still tight.


Step 3 :

Using the muscles in your legs and hips, stand back up and to the beginning of the exercise. Keep those knees and ankle joints aligned! Make certain to keep the weight in the heals! And finally, exhale. You did it!



Your just starting out with chair squats? That’s okay, you can perform 1 set of 8-12 repetitions every other day until you progress.

For intermediate to advanced, you may find more challenge in 2-4 sets with 12-15 reps every other day.




~ Did you know?

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