Fitness Friday with Coach K…Shoulder Health.

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The shoulder is arguably the most complex joint in all of the human body.  Anatomically referred to as the glenohumeral joint, this ball and socket joint offers us an amazing array of movements in all directions and planes of the body.  In fact, the shoulder allows for so much movement, it increases the probability of muscular imbalances, joint instabilities and unfortunately, injuries.  One can see why a specific shoulder stretching routine can be beneficial in arm movement, posture, and continued activities of daily living.  We have compiled a list of our 3 favorite stretches that target all three muscles that make up the deltoid.


Anterior (front) Deltoid stretch

The Anterior Deltoid stretches the front shoulder muscles. These muscles assist in activities like pushing a cart, brushing your teeth and squeezing someone tight!

~Position both arms behind the back, locking the fingers together, thumbs in and approximately waist height. If range of motion does not allow for this, no problem.  You can start with one arm at your side, behind your back propped atop a chair or counter top.

~Begin by gradually raising the arm(s) until you reach the point that you begin to feel a comfortable lengthening in the front of the shoulder. Keep your chest up and arms strait.

~Hold this position for 15-20 seconds.  

~Slowly release the tension placed on the shoulders, unlock fingers, and return the arms to a neutral position for completion of one set.

~Perform 3-5 sets in one session.


Lateral (medial) Deltoid stretch:

Utilizing the Lateral Deltoid stretch targets the middle shoulder muscles. Imagine you’re carrying a briefcase or luggage at your side…lateral deltoid. Brushing your hair or putting on a hat…lateral deltoid!

~To prepare for this stretch, take the arm across the front of your lower chest. Keep it tight and against the body with the palm facing backward.

~Begin by gently cupping above the elbow with the opposing hand. Be cautious not to pull directly on the elbow joint, but just above it.

~Hold stretch for 15-20 seconds for each arm.

~Perform 3-5 times in one stretching session.


Posterior (rear) Deltoid stretch:

Performing the Posterior Deltoid stretch will target the back of the shoulder muscles. Perhaps you’ve moved about the bed with your elbows to reposition your head, or maybe you’ve pulled in a lunker of a redfish on a recent fishing excursion. These movements all require the assistance of the rear shoulder muscles.

~To prepare for this stretch, take the arm across the front of the upper chest and neck. Keep it tight and against the body.

~With the free hand running below the stretched arm, gently cup and cradle above the elbow with the free hand. Again, avoid direct pressure on the elbow joint as this can cause injury.

~Hold stretch for 15-20 seconds for each arm.

~Perform 3-5 time each arm in one session.


Stretching is crucial to holistic health and sadly takes a back seat to the more enjoyable things in life. But, did you know, stretching is a natural stress reliever and its affects are immediate!  It’s free, and the only equipment you need is YOU!!  Do your mind and body a huge favor, stretch early and often!  



Kirt Lietzow, Co-founde


~ Did you know? 

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