Wellness Wednesday…It’s Never Too Late

never-too-oldWhen you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I’d really love to hear your answers. Now that you’re just a few years older, I’m going to ask…did you make it happen? If you answered, “NO,” why not do it now?

You heard me right…do it now! Maybe you’re retired and think it’s too late or you’re too old. Well, I say that’s hog wash. You can achieve anything you BELIEVE, and working towards that goal will keep you young.

Need a little motivation to make that first step? Check out these three individuals who prove it’s never too late to set a high goal and achieve it. They all earned their college degrees in their 90’s. If they can do it, so can you. Follow your dreams…it’s NEVER too late!!!


Twila Boston, 98

866988Twila Boston graduated from Utah State University with a bachelors in American Studies at 98 years young. “It was expected of us in our family to get an education,” says Twila, but she never did get around to graduating. So, at age 98, she hunkered down and finally completed her degree in American Studies at Utah State University. Boston is the oldest person to graduate from Utah State University, and, as such, she has a bit of advice for all of us: “Go out in whatever you want, in whatever you want to do the rest of your life.”



Nola Ochs, 98


Probably the most famous (and adorable) golden grad around, with a 3.7 g.p.a., 95-year old Nola Ochs took home a degree in General Studies with an emphasis in History from Fort Hays State University in 2007. She graduated alongside her granddaughter, Alexandra.

Eventually, Ochs went on to earn her master’s degree at age 98, making her the oldest recipient of a master’s degree in history.


Leo Plass, 99

article-0-0C9462F000000578-219_468x372Plass dropped out of college in 1932 when he was just 20. Then, at 99 years old, the Oregon resident finished what he started by receiving an associates degree from Eastern Oregon University. Plass set a world record in doing so!

Just a few credits shy of a degree, Leo Plass quit school in 1932 to pursue a career in the logging industry. According to Plass, the pay was too good to pass up, but he never did forget his academic aspirations. Finally, in 2011, 99-year-old Plass earned his associates degree from East Oregon University.


Stay happy, healthy, and N motion, AND REMEMBER…age is just a number!




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