Wellness Wednesday…5 Tips for a Healthier Tomorrow

Try these 5 tips TODAY for a healthier TOMORROW!

Drink Your Water

99Water is the most important nutrient in your diet, and a lot of people don’t even realize they aren’t getting enough. Think about it…the average human body is 60% water. That means for a 150 lb woman, 90 lbs of her body is water!

Water is important for so many reasons. It’s needed by your brain to make hormones. It acts as a shock absorber for your spinal cord. It’s used in the metabolism and digestion of the food you eat. It lubricates your joints and so much more.

So, how much do you need? Boomers need to be extra careful to make sure they get enough each day. As you age, your thirst regulators may change. Basically you just don’t get as thirsty as you used to. In addition, a number of medications can alter your thirst level. Needless to say, you don’t want to rely on thirst to be your guide.

Although your need varies depending on your age, gender, and things like where you live, a good rule of thumb is for adult men to consume at least 3 liters per day and adult women to get at least 2.2 liters.

Drink up today, and you should feel more energized and mentally sharp tomorrow!


Take a Walk Outside

Walking is a powerful medicine that all Boomers should use everyday. Sure, we all know walking is good for you, but do you know just how good it really is? And, can we really see results by tomorrow?  

older-couple-walkingAccording to a study conducted at George Washington University School of Public Health in Washington, D.C., a mere 15-minute walk after dinner can lower blood sugar. According to researcher, Dr. Bob Sallis, “Walking burns up the sugar that’s in your blood, and it strengthens muscles so you use blood sugar more efficiently.” He says, “The benefit is almost instantaneous.”

In addition to improved blood sugar, a dose of sunshine during your walk is a sure way to immediately boost your mood. Research suggests that the sunshine on your skin can increase production of serotonin, which helps balance your mood and promotes feelings of happiness. Sunlight is also known to alleviate depressive symptoms. Combine these effects with exercise for a one-two punch!


Listen to Music

jukebox12Who knew listening to tunes could be so good for you?   Listening to music, though, has numerous physical and mental health benefits that are scientifically based. If you’ve ever listened to music during exercise, you’ve probably noticed that it motivated you to push a little harder. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a little more fun when they’re singing along to their favorite Beach Boys song while they’re exercising?

Tonight while you’re eating dinner, try playing soft music and dimming the lights. One study found that this could help you slow down while you eat and reduce the amount of food you put in your mouth. In addition, the music can help to reduce any stress you might have accumulated throughout the day. It can elevate your mood and relieve depressive symptoms. The combination of all of these things should help you feel better immediately!



Stretching is one of those things that you don’t realize how important it is until you can’t do it anymore. Often times as you age, the range of motion in your joints decreases and your muscles tighten. This can cause some of your daily, routine motions to become difficult. Activities like zipping up the back of your dress or even reaching overhead all of a sudden become challenging.

merz_woman_stretchingStretching has numerous benefits. You probably know that it increases the range of movement in the joint, but did you also know that stretching could reduce muscle tension and enhance muscular coordination? It could also increase the circulation of your blood, which leads to more energy.

Try doing both lower body and upper body stretching this evening after your walk. These stretches should decrease muscle soreness you might experience from the walk and help you sleep better, which we know will give you a more pleasant tomorrow. Try some additional stretches in the morning for an energizing fresh start to your day!


Get More Sleep

81264406_t670x470Go ahead and hit the snooze button! Getting a good night sleep has so many benefits ranging from increased memory function to reduced inflammation in the body. But, did you know that a lack of sleep might actually be affecting your weight? It makes sense because the longer you sleep, the less time you have to graze in front of your fridge. Right? It’s actually much more scientific, though, and it has to do with your hormones. Research has shown that a shorter sleep time can reduce leptin and elevate ghrelin. These two hormones affect your hunger. When they are out of whack, your hunger will likely increase and you’ll tend to eat more. Get your 7-8 hours tonight, and you won’t feel as hungry tomorrow!


Stay happy, healthy, and N motion, AND REMEMBER…age is just a number!





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