Wellness Wednesday…Make 2017 Your BEST Year!




This year is almost over! Can you believe it’s already time for New Years? With just a few days left, have you set any resolutions for 2017? Maybe you haven’t even thought about it yet. If that’s the case, here are a few tips to spark some ideas and get you moving in the right direction. Let’s make 2017 your BEST, healthiest year yet!


Five Things to Learn in 2017

  1. how-to-read-nutrition-labelsHow to really read nutrition labels and common marketing scams to watch out for.
  2. How to find an exercise routine that’s FUN.
  3. How to eat mindfully.
  4. How to say “no” sometimes.
  5. How to stand tall and improve your posture. (Ask us about signing up for a posture assessment!)



Five Ways to Save Money on Health and Fitness in 2017

  1. fitness-coverSkip the gym membership. Let us help you develop an in-home or outdoor healthy living plan just for YOU.
  2. Bike instead of drive.
  3. Instead of using your dryer, hang out your gym socks, shorts, and sports bra to dry. You’ll pay less on your electric bill and help the environment.
  4. Refill a BPA-free water bottle at the fountain instead of buying a new plastic water bottle every time you exercise.
  5. Never grocery shop when you’ve got the munchies. You’ll buy more than you need!


Five New Places to Try a Workout in 2017

  1. showimageThe beach – It’s such a refreshing and invigorating place to exercise.
  2. The swimming pool – Water aerobics is fun and easy on the joints.
  3. Your living room – Try a new workout video you can do in the comforts of your home.
  4. The stairs – Skip the elevator to burn more calories.
  5. Roser Church –If you haven’t tried our Boomer Bootcamp or Roser-robics Sit&Fit class, give it a try!


Five New Foods to Incorporate into Your Diet

  1. fruits3Pistachios – They lower cholesterol and contain heart healthy fats.
  2. Pomegranates – They’re packed with antioxidants and could help with inflammation.
  3. Salmon – In addition to heart-healthy omega-3s, salmon contains bone-strengthening vitamin D.
  4. Chamomile tea – A daily cup could help reduce your chances of diabetes.
  5. Basil – Researchers are now finding that the yummy herb has anti-aging properties.


Five Things to Cross Off Your To-do List

  1. d3c49deb00fea5cbf0478c7cac17a11b25294Learn about your health insurance or Medicare plan – your gym membership and other preventative services might be covered.
  2. Schedule your annual exams.
  3. Clean out your medicine cabinet, tossing all expired items.
  4. Find a workout or walking buddy.
  5. Get your flu shot.


Five Healthy Items to Invest Inmom-kirt-copy

  1. Health coach or personal trainer
  2. BPA-free water bottle
  3. Well-fitting sneakers
  4. Workout and food journal
  5. Small, portable cooler


Five Words to Incorporate into Your Every Day

  1. mindful-body-graphic-300x191“No” -as in, you’re not going to have that second slice of chocolate cake
  2. “Natural” -as in, peanut butter and sweetener
  3. “Brown” -as in rice, cereal, bread and any other whole-grain item
  4. “Mindful” -as in eating and living
  5. “Healthy” -as opposed to skinny or fat


Five Ways to Stay Motivated Right Through to 2018

  1. post-daniel-planJoin “The Daniel Plan,” an 8-week healthy living and weight-loss program starting at Roser Church in January. (More info coming soon!)
  2. Each month, learn at least one exercise you find intimidating.
  3. Find at least one restaurant near your home or work that serves a healthy meal you can eat on days when you don’t have time to cook.
  4. Load your phone or iPod with new, upbeat music.
  5. Work with a Boomers N Motion Coach!


Stay happy, healthy, and N motion, AND REMEMBER…age is just a number!




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