Wellness Wednesday…How to Survive Holiday Parties WITHOUT Gaining Weight

img_2154Holiday Party-Time!!!!  It’s that time of year again, and I keep hearing about all sorts of fun holiday parties and social gatherings you’re all attending.  I want you to enjoy the season to the fullest, and I don’t want you to feel like a stuffed sausage when the season is over. Whether you’re hosting or just attending holiday get-togethers this year, use the tips below to help you survive WITHOUT gaining weight.

Double-fist it!

Yes, you read that right. If you’re going to have alcohol, hold your alcoholic beverage in one hand and a water in the other. This works for a couple of reasons. First, if you alternate sips between the two, you’ll drink the alcohol slower and stay hydrated. And, if both hands are full, you can’t reach for all the snacks and appetizers that are so conveniently placed around the house.


2424b95500000578-2894311-image-a-3_1420198291270Use tall, skinny glasses for alcohol.

Whether you’re drinking (or serving) wine or eggnog, use a tall, skinny glass instead of a short, fat one. Research shows that people pour less liquid into a tall, skinny glass. This can keep you from drinking too much and help keep your calories down.



Chew gum.

If you’re preparing, cleaning up, or just hanging-out in the kitchen by all the food, pop a piece of gum. This will keep you from nibbling on extra food and calories. (I did this when I was cleaning up after our Thanksgiving meal, and it worked GREAT!)


Avoid white stuff.90a564bffcc1d0a5e51c1e31b6658517

While you might think of this during the main meal and skip on things like fluffy white potatoes or white rice, don’t forget this during the hors devours too. Breads, pastries, and even crackers can have an unpleasant effect on your blood sugar. Did you know…Ritz crackers are made with enriched flour AND high fructose corn syrup?  You don’t want that stuff in your body.


Serve restaurant-style.

This means when you sit down for the main event, leave food in the kitchen, away from reach. If you’re hosting the party, you’ll obviously have more control over this than if you’re a guest. But, listen to this… a study found that people who served themselves directly from the stove or counter ate 19% less total food compared with those serving themselves right off the table. Do yourself and your guest a favor, and leave the food in the kitchen.


 Bring a healthy dish to share.

couscous-stuffed-peppers-slRather than try to figure out what’s in every dish at a friend’s party, bring a healthy side dish or dessert to share. Taste what you want, but know you have a healthy alternative to fall back on if necessary. (Plus, when all your friends are making their New Year’s resolutions to eat healthy and lose weight, they’ll come to you for advice.)



Eat something healthy before you go.

This way you’re not starving by the time you get there, and you don’t end up binging on the appetizers before the main course is even served. Although this goes against the idea of “saving calories” for the party, it will likely leave you consuming fewer total calories when the night is over.  


Skinny-up your eggnog.l892641914

Fill your glass with half- to three-quarter-parts of low-fat or skim milk and one part eggnog. You’ll still get the flavor without all the calories. And, cut the fluff! Pass on the that big dollop of whipped cream to avoid the extra sugar and saturated fat.



Stay happy, healthy, and N motion, AND REMEMBER…age is just a number!














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