Wellness Wednesday…Happy 4th of July!

4th-of-july-usa-1Hap-Hap-Happy Fourth of July!!! With this fun, summer holiday right around the corner, now is the time to plan for those parties and gatherings with friends and family. Do you know what you’ll be serving or taking to the party?

Liberty4th-of-julyWhen I think of Fourth of July food, I think of BBQs, watermelon, red, white, and blue jello, and plenty of drinks. How about you? While I could give you tips this Wednesday on how to make your holiday meal healthier (things like use whole wheat buns, lean meats, use smaller plates, etc.), I want to specifically focus on your hydration and those drinks in your hands.

No matter where you live in America, it’s hot in July. This makes drinking enough water super important. If you’re planning to go outside this weekend for a parade, a picnic, a day at the beach, or to watch fireworks, you need to drink enough water to keep your body from overheating. You may not even feel thirsty, but you still need those fluids. This is key to staying healthy this holiday weekend.

I know what you’re thinking. Water is boring, and there’s no way you’re going to skip those holiday beverages. I hear you, so I’ve provided some fun and festive holiday tips and recipes that will keep you on track!

Tip #1 – Make Festive Drinks to Keep YOU Hydrated

Red Summer Water1BA4083F00000578-0-Healthy_Drinking_two_glasses_of_cranberry_juice_a_day_could_cut_-a-32_1435702703495

1 liter water

1 cup strawberries

½ Tbsp cinnamon

Juice of 1 lime


*Blend all ingredients and serve over ice.



                 Berry Infused Water

                  6 cups cold water

                  1 cup raspberries

                  1 cup blueberries

                  *Chill for 2 – 8 hours. (more time = more flavor)



4th of July Ice CubesIMG_2038post





*Squish the berries into the IMG_2043-2postsquares of an ice-cube tray. Fill the gaps with water and put in the freezer until frozen. Use as ice-cubes in water or either of the above drinks.



Tip #2 – Double Fist It

Yes, you read that correctly….double fist it! Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages have a diuretic effect, so they work against you when it comes to hydration. If you’re going to have one of these beverages this weekend, hold a glass or bottle of water in your other hand. Whenever you take a sip from one fist, take a sip from the other. This will help to keep you in balance.



Tip #3 – Fill Up on Fruits & Veggies


Fruits and veggies contain a lot of water and can be a tasty way to get your water. If you see a fruit or vegetable tray at your BBQ, dig in! Did you know that each bite of watermelon contains about 92% water? Some other fruits and vegetables you might see this weekend that contain a high water content include cucumbers, celery, radishes, strawberries, and baby carrots.

However you spend this holiday weekend, make it GREAT, and ENJOY the time with your friends and family.

Stay happy, healthy, and N motion, AND REMEMBER…age is just a number!



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